Venezuela’s time zone shifts at 3:00AM on December 9, news reports say

Update on Venezuela: as noted previously in my post News: Venezuela to change to a new time zone on December 9, the change to the Venezuelan time zone takes effect officially at 3:00AM local time on Dec 9th.

As Jorge Lopez reminded me, the news articles we have seen thus far state that the change occurs at 3am on 9 December (domingo 9 de diciembre a las 3 de la mañana’).  The Live translator did not translate 3 de la mañana which means 3 in the morning.

You think that I would know ‘de la mañana’ instinctively by now. 😉

The difference will have little real impact to our users, given how our hotfix update works, and how it will likely be deployed.  Nonetheless, we would like to point this out.

As you may recall, Venezuela will move to a newly created time zone, shifting by 30 minutes to -4:30h UTC on December 9th, as noted here for a translated page).  We should see this approved/confirmed later this week as the changes is subject to “constitutional reform.” 

More info coming soon on the DST & TZ hottopics page at

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