Your questions: Is DST changing in Victoria, Australia?

A question from the Technical Deep-Dive LiveMeeting today on DST and Time Zones today…

“I believe Victoria, Australia will be extending daylight savings by a week (ending April 6, 2008 instead of end of March ’08) is this covered [in the latest Windows OS update, KB 933360]?”

No, not currently as this has not yet been passed into law. It was reported today that the daylight saving legislation will be introduced this week in Australia and propose that daylight saving be in sync across NSW, the ACT, Victoria and South Australia. More as it develops.

For our webcast, thanks today to Alon, Sophia, Beth, Joel, David, Bob, Gil, Jim and Steve, as well as our LM hostess, Tania.

As mentioned previously, later this year we expect to release the 2008 Cumulative Time Zone Update for Windows that will set the known, correct dates for 2008 (it should include changes for Brazil and any other country that changes the observance of DST entry/exit dates in 2008). Our goal is to move to a regular cadence, releasing cumulative time zone updates for Windows. We are checking on the ability to include Venezuela as well in this update.

For those in government considering changing the observance of DST or Summer Time in your country: figure on at least a year (perhaps even two) to ensure that not only vendors but those IT professionals impacted by the changes have enough time to make the appropriate decisions.

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