Technical “Deep-Dive” LiveMeeting today on DST and Time Zones

In about an hour’s time, we’ll host a Technical “Deep-Dive” Webcast…

Monday, September 24, 2007 at 2:00pm Pacific

This LiveMeeting Webcast will be hosted by members of our Microsoft DST Team (Joel, Steve, me and a cast of many on the Question Manager), to provide a technical overview of resources available to help prepare Microsoft products for the change to Daylight Saving Time and time zones around the world. It will cover the core scenarios where the Outlook and Exchange update tools should be used, in addition to helpful links to patches and other information relative to other Microsoft products affected by the DST changes.

Click here just before 2PM PAC today:


Available now: Webcast Live Meeting on-demand from September 14, 2007…

An overview of DST, Microsoft resources, impacted products, updates and tools. Click this link to view this web cast now.  Click here to watch this recorded LiveMeeting.

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