Helpful tips and links on managing e-mail in Outlook, courtesy of the Crabby Office Lady

Last month I wrote a post on recommended strategies for managing email with Outlook.  I get a lot of questions from customers on recommendations on the best way to manage mail.  Since I first wrote about the Microsoft Office Crabby Office Lady I’ve had an opportunity to exchange a few mails with her.

Crabby Office LadyAs I’ve noted, Crabby (aka Annik Stahl) writes columns that are easy to understand and very entertaining. She provides answers to common (and not-so-common) Office questions that you don’t normally find in Microsoft Office Help. (Go to the Microsoft Office Assistance site and chances are you’ll find some interesting answers from her. One of my favourite videos is her response to the question “Microsoft Doesn’t Care?“)

Back to our story.

After searching I found a few items on managing E-mail on Office Online and in the Crabby columns, but I wanted more on managing email.  So, I sent a note to Crabby and asked for her tips on managing a flood of mail, as well as suggested articles and links.

“Managing e-mail” is a HUGE topic (as you well know)… I do cover this subject… within the contents of various columns.  Here is some other Office Online content that covers e-mail management:

“… there is so much information on our site that covers this large topic. Hope I’ve been of some help to you.”

Of course, a tremendous help as always.

My thanks to Crabby!

If you want to know more, you must get the The Microsoft Crabby Office Lady Tells It Like It Is… Secrets to Surviving Office Life. It’s a good thing. 

Can’t get enough of Crabby?

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