Make your customers feel like they are your top priority

Crystal Dupré is publisher of The Meridian Star in Meridian, MS, and wrote an op-ed piece for the paper today on “Customer service at its finest.” 

“This experience got me thinking: what did these two people do to make the service they provided seem so out of the ordinary? The answer was obvious and simple: they focused their attention on me, the customer. They weren’t preoccupied with chatting with co-workers. They didn’t see me as an interruption of their work. They didn’t act as though they were simply going through the motions without emotion.

“Instead, they acted as though they were really happy to help me. They made me feel as though I was their top priority. They looked me in the eye and sincerely thanked me for giving them the opportunity to shine.”

As you get ready for the week, think about the genteel attention paid to customers in East Central Mississippi, and perhaps how it might impact your own customer interactions.

Want to share your own customer service stories?

And if you want to provide your own feedback on good and bad experiences, to Dennis Rockstroh asked readers today in his San Jose Mercury News column to “send in your highs, lows with customer service.” He related a reader’s concern that customer service representatives at one firm are not to release their last names when dealing with a complaint.

MTCW: perhaps, they give it out freely when they receive a compliment. 😉

“Anonymity, like secrecy, too often leads to abuses.

“What kind of changes would you like? What do you think of the state of customer service today?”

You can send your feedback in directly to Mr. Rockstroh for “your experiences, good or bad…”

I can think of a few things. I sent him a link to Ms. Dupré’s column today, in addition to a couple of my own SiValley rant and raves.

[Added 081507: you can also read Mr. Rockstroh’s Consumer Action blog here]

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