Of interest: a new blog on the perfect customer experience

Here’s an interesting new blog: The Perfect Customer Experience, by Dale Wolf of The Cx Institute, a publishing and consulting firm. It’s for “marketing leadership for those with courage to change the customer experience.”

OK, let’s give it a whirl.

I enjoyed walking through a number of posts, including several on good and bad customer experiences and changing the conversation with the customer. Today they also have a link to a new Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper: Hosted Contact Center Industry. The report includes an analysis on the costs of hosted vs. on-site centres.

And there’s this post of interest one on how “Corporate Gobbledygook Kills the Customer Experience Before it Even Begins.”

David Meerman Scott, a friend of mine and a top-notch communications consultant and author of three books, has really put marketers and marketing writers on the spot. He did it in an article he wrote for Cincom’s Expert Access newsletter. Let me give you a taste of Scott’s challenge, which by the way, is backed by considerable research he did in preparing the article.

“David writes:

“Oh jeez, not another flexible, scalable, groundbreaking, industry-standard, cutting-edge product from a market-leading, well-positioned company! Ugh. I think I’m gonna puke! Just like with a teenager’s use of annoying catch phrases, I notice the same words cropping up again and again in websites and news releases so much so that the gobbledygook grates against my nerves and many other people’s, too. Well, duh. Like, companies just totally don’t communicate very well, you know?

“Then he cites his research into corporate gobbledygook. The words that came out of his research might surprise you. Hopefully you have not been using any of them. Once you read David’s article, you will place a lot more value on plain English that is centered around solving customer problems rather than your “next generation” product … Oh, I did not mean to let that word slip into my text. Shame on you, Dale!”

Can you say “buzzword bingo”? 😉

Of interest from the blog are links to a few white papers:

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