MCP asks: Will you upgrade to Vista or are you waiting for “Windows 7”?

A quick post between meetings… in their current poll asks readers (IT managers and network administrators… perhaps you, too) the question: will you be…

“Upgrading to Vista or waiting for “Windows 7”?

You can choose one of the following answers:

  • I’ll eventually upgrade to Vista.

  • I’ve already upgraded to Vista.

  • Skipping Vista and going straight to Windows 7.

  • Not even considering Windows 7.

  • I’ll stick with XP as long as I can.

  • I’ve already moved on to a non-MS OS.  

So far a little more than 100 people have taken the poll.

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4 replies on “MCP asks: Will you upgrade to Vista or are you waiting for “Windows 7”?”

I have to agree with Bruce. I’m a career Microsoft developer and former Microsoft network admin. I’m truly furious with Microsoft for releasing such an unstable OS. I’ve re-installed cleanly a few times now, and there’s always something wrong with it. On one build the entire OS would lock up almost half the time I clicked the start button. On another, the OS locked up when I tried to scroll down (but not up?) a web page in IE. On yet another, I couldn’t attach to any printer on the network, even though they were clearly available and could be used by other XP and Vista machines with the same user ID. The entire thing is sloooooow. And, yes, my machine has a “Windows Vista” sticker and exceeds the minimum hardware requirements.

The best part is that Microsoft Error Reporting doesn’t even capture anything to send in because the OS always locks up before the error is trapped.

Faced with yet another hard drive wipe and spending another couple of days installing software and configuration, I’m reverting to XP. I’m not about to waste any more time fooling with Vista. Fair warning: If Windows 7 bombs like this, I’m switching to Linux.

Did I mention I’m furious?

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