Readers respond to InfoWeek’s question: “Does Customer Service Still Exist?”

Following up on my earlier post this week on InfoWeek’s question “Does Customer Service Still Exist?” I was not surprised to see the volume of comments added to the blog posting.

I also agree with several positive comments, in particular on HP, and this one on the etailer

“Newegg – ROCKS. rarely ever have an issue, but the one RMA I had with them was as easy as could be. Since I don’t use Dell or any other commodity box pusher for my systems (custom build them myself), I need a reliable source for my PC parts and one that takes returns. Newegg does that perfectly. And for less then anyone else I know.” 

Newegg recently accurately (and courteously) responded to a mail query I sent to them on a new product in less than a day.

In short, my favourite comment came from one comment on Customer Service: “It is work, but it is not Magic.” And I’ve found their fulfillment and delivery to be stellar.

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