Apple announces “one to one” personal Mac training at the Apple Store

From the email files… today I received a promotional mail from Apple Computer, promoting their new “one to one” training at the Apple Store.

One to One Card“Now you can get a whole year of hands-on learning, with a personal trainer who can help you get the most from your Mac—and yourself. Choose sessions that cover everything from getting started on a Mac, to mastering the latest pro software. Your trainer will customize every hour to match your capabilities—and even help you with any project you can dream up. It’s like having a best friend who knows how to do just about anything on a Mac.”

All this — access to trainers that are “experts in all things Apple” (which would include Entourage and our Mac products) for $99 per year. That get’s you a 50 minute sessiononce per week, booked online via the Apple Store Concierge. 

This sounds like a good move. I’m curious to see the level and proficiency of the trainers.