DST Support Central in Redmond, Day 2

I just returned from Day 2 in DST Support Central (as Ina Fried reported on CNET News) on the main campus in Redmond, tied 24 hrs a day to our support centres in Charlotte, Las Colinas and Bangalore.

“Aiming to shorten that wait, Microsoft has boosted the number of people addressing the time change issue. Earlier Thursday, the company opened up a “situation room” devoted to monitoring customer issues and providing support to the software maker’s largest customers. The main situation room will be in Redmond, Wash., with centers in Texas, North Carolina and India overseeing things in the off-hours. Microsoft has also added more than 200 workers versed in Exchange and Outlook to its phone lines.”

CNN has also posted a blog regarding the new DST and Microsoft’s efforts on its website ( Peter Galli from eweek also includes references to a nuber of support options available to customers – the live chat and webcasts have been popular with plenty of room for people to get answers to their questions in near real-time.

Today wasn’t very busy (in the Centre) but I fielded calls with several customers. Now, it’s off to bed (Sambuca in hand) before we open the Centre in the morning, taking the reins with NC from our staff in India. Many thanks to Manish and the team for their help overnight! I’ll report more from the Support Central tomorrow

A couple of interesting items on our sites:

These from MSN:

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March 9: Daylight saving time comes three weeks early this year, and that means more daylight to enjoy. But the move is also presenting some challenges for computers and other digital devices. NBC’s Stephanie Stanton reports from Los Angeles.
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