Will my Windows XP applications run on Windows Vista?

It’s great when I receive a question that is also answered in the press on the same day.

I was asked via mail if “my favourite Windows XP applications will run on Windows Vista?” Patrick Marshall of The Seattle Times answers that questionin his Technology Q&A.

“Most programs written for Windows XP will work just fine with Windows Vista. But I have found a few exceptions. There is no complete and reliable listing of Vista-compatible software, but you may want to look at a couple of Web sites. The list is continually growing at ieXbeta’s wiki:

“Microsoft also maintains some information, though it is kind of buried. Start your search at:”

This links to the Application Compatibility page on the Windows Vista TechCenter website.

Also of interest: if you’re on Windows XP and you want a more Vista-like experience, check out Paul Thurrott’s Winsupersite article:

These* and other Vista-specific applications are really neat, but you can get identical or nearly identical applications on Windows XP too. (* – “Applications that are supposed to make people want Windows Vista. Things like the Windows Sidebar, Windows Calendar, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Media Player 11.”)And by doing so, you can eek some more time out of your XP investment, save up for a future Vista PC, or just avoid all the headaches that go along with upgrading to a new Windows version. Sure, you’ve waited 5 years for Windows Vista, but so what? Will another 6 months or a year be a problem? Really?

“If you’d like to stick with Windows XP for a while longer, here’s some good news. You don’t need Windows Vista. And as I’ll describe in the next section, there are plenty of excellent solutions out there that will make you forget all about Redmond’s next operating system. At least for a little while.”

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Ah, there’s alway naysayers who want to stick with the old stuff.  Even when WinXP came out, I remember so many people saying that you should stick with Windows 98 or Windows 2000.  Hardly anyone would say that now.  I think the same will be with Vista in a couple of years.

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