FYI: Xbox 360 extended warranties go into effect after the first year

I mentioned earlier that the Xbox 360 now has a one year warranty. I also read on the Xbox forums that there was a little confusion WRT how extended warranties purchased by customers would be recognized.

Well, I received a confirmation today from the Xbox team that, for customers who purchased an extended warranty on their Xbox 360, the warranty extension they purchased (the one- or two-year extension, I think) will take effect after the first year. So, my understanding is that customers who purchased a two-year extended warranty will now be covered for a total of three years from the date of purchase.

I believe that the Xbox team will make this more clear on the web site and the warranty pages in the near future. Hope this helps.

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2 replies on “FYI: Xbox 360 extended warranties go into effect after the first year”

Is the window allowed to purchase the extended warranty extended to include the new warranty period?

I think so… I think that you can purchase the extended warranty within the first year of your basic warranty coverage, but I haven’t seen the language yet. When I get a confirmation of the new warranty details being posted I’ll note it here.

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