Dr. Who & Exchange: CDO fix for time adjustment

Apparently Dr. Who isn’t the only one capable of controlling time.

As noted in support article 910268 this week, there’s a code defect when you use “Collaborative Data Objects (CDO) to create meetings programmatically in Microsoft Exchange Server 2003: meetings are unexpectedly moved one hour ahead in the last week of October with Microsoft Exchange Server. CDO causes the daylight saving time adjustment to happen at the wrong time. This impacts Outlook, which as The Register in the UK reports “will turn the clocks back a week early, plunging Britain’s Blackberry-weilding suits into a thundering whirlpool of temporal bedlam.” 

For more on the hotfix, here’s a link to the KB article.

Come to think of it, a TARDIS has been reported outside Dave Thompson’s office on occassion.