Articles I’ve read this week, 10.19.06

Here are a few articles I’ve just re-read during the commute to the office this week. (Not by car but via mass transit, a great alternative especially in wet weather.) Thankfully, most are available for download, making it easy to save for later reading on mobile devices.

Steve Clayton’s blog (MS), on Wired’s article Microsoft: where are we going tomorrow?

Speed Demons – BusinessWeek’s look at how smart companies are creating new products — and whole new businesses — almost overnight. Also of interest is the subsection on 37signals: Programming At Warp Speed: “The lesson: Create a simple product as fast as you can, then get feedback from customers and make it better.” By Steve Hamm, with Ian Rowley in Tokyo – March 27, 2006

Don’t Hand Me That Gu Ge – Forbes, August 14, 2006 – Google is searching for a winning strategy in China. Also see Schmidt Defends Google’s Cooperation With China from April 2006. 

Staying Cool At Nokia, By Jack Ewing, with Moon Ihlwan in Seoul – July 17, 2006 – BusinessWeek looks at “how new design chief Alastair Curtis keeps the hot handsets coming.”

Fast Company on Integrity Matters – “So say the folks who took our latest survey, by a huge margin. Too bad they find it in such short supply among today’s leaders.” From: Issue 98 | September 2005 | Page 52

The Elements Get Some Style – Wired, Issue 13.10 – October 2005. Philip Stewart, an Oxford ecology professor, has his improvement on the table of the elements, modeled after the Andromeda galaxy.

Meet Marvell – Forbes, August 14, 2006 – “It has quietly and ruthlessly become the superhero of the chip industry, thriving in every market it has entered and making its founders billionaires.”

Just Don’t Call It Retirement – By Sarah Lacy – March 06, 2006. A look at Carol Bartz’ retirement from Autodesk. I worked in the mid 90’s at Autodesk, in Carl Bass’ division, with Carol Bartz in the CEO slot.

BusinessWeek on The Plot To Hijack Your Computer – By Ben Elgin, with Brian Grow – July 17, 2006 – “They watch you surf the Web. They plague you with pop-up ads. Then they cripple your hard drive.” See Also Spyware Underground

PC Magazine’s The Worst Products of Q3 2006 – “Here’s a list of the worst products we saw in the third quarter of this year.”

Play By Play In Podcast – BusinessWeek, by Mark Hyman – March 13, 2006 – “First it was blogs. Now podcast mania is catching on quickly in the sports world. The PGA Tour has a podcast … sports talk fix. They can be found at the Web sites listed or at podcast clearinghouses,, and”

BW’ s Stephen H. Wildstrom on discussion on Net Neutrality in The War For The Net’s Future – July 17, 2006. Also Wildstrom’s podcast on Net Neutrality: “… phone and cable companies on one hand and big Internet players like Google and Microsoft on the other, want you to believe this is about freedom and innovation.”

How To Win at Everything – Secrets and advice from Americas biggest winners from Men’s Journal (August 2005). Of interest: the general positives that Lance Armstrong cites. In the same issue is an informative article on the “The Great American Checkup” by Chip Brown, which covers the exec checkup at the WellMax Centre for Preventative Medicine in California.

Here’s an excitinig job: Fortune on the Corporate bank robber (05.17.2006) – “It’s a fantasy job to rob a bank. It’s the greatest. I get hired by banks around the country to help tighten security policies.”

BW on Going Global For An MBA – Info on studying abroad, at international B-schools. By Jack Ewing, with Kerry Capell in London and Andrea Zammert in Frankfurt – March 13, 2006

Cleaning Up Boeing – Can outsider Jim McNerney rid the scandal-plagued aerospace giant of its rot? He’s off to a strong start. By Stanley Holmes – BW, March 13, 2006

Space: The Digital Frontier – Stephen H. Wildstrom looks at PC storage solutions. BW, MARCH 2, 2006

Fortune’s Real Estate Survival Guide – “Hear that sound? There’s an ill wind blowing through the housing market. Here’s what the end of the boom means for home values, the economy, and you.” By Shawn Tully, FORTUNE Magazine Senior Writer, May 11, 2006

BW’s Annual Tech Buying Guide Slide Show (November 7, 2005). It’s from a year ago, but an interesting list. Also see Dive Into HDTV, Music, Lights, Action With One Click, The House That iPod Built, The Call Of The Web Phone and High Tech For The Road.


In the same issue of BW is “Mosh Pits” Of Creativity – Innovation labs are sparking teamwork — and breakthrough products. By Joseph Weber in Chicago, with Stanley Holmes in Seattle and Christopher Palmeri in Los Angeles – November 07, 2005. See right for their “best practice ideas.”

PC Magazine on Windows Vista and your games – 07.12.06 – They “dedicated hours of playtime to the latest prerelease version. Here’s the scoop.”

In “Attention Technology Shoppers!” Jeremy Kaplan asks if you can buy good gear at big box stores, and takes a look at the deals and the chaff.

And from Business 2.0 Magazine…

The Business Traveler’s MacGyver Kit – “It’s cheap, compact, and filled with everything you need when things go wrong on the road. Pack it up, put it in your suitcase, and forget about it–until disaster strikes.”

How to build a bulletproof startup – Michael V. Copeland and Om Malik present their 16-step guide to help you turn a great idea into a great company. May 24, 2006

The Art of Shaving’s strategy: A cut above  – (06.22.2006) An article on the Art of Shaving’s flagship store in NYC.

Freedom of the Press – “ founder Bob Young wants to liberate authors from the tyranny of the book-publishing industry.” By John Heilemann – May 18, 2006

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Thanks for posting!  I love lists like this; there are so many possible articles to read in this world and it’s nice to see just those that somebody else thought were worthwhile.

How are you making this list?  Are you reading on your mobile device and then bookmarking somehow for posting later?

Yes, something like that. I subscribe to a number of periodicals and online services, but between work and family Or is that family and work?) I have time sitting down to catch up on my free reading… which I used to do on planes. So I tear out or mark the articles of interest or make a note of the title and issue, and when I have a free moment do a quick search on the appropriate web site. Then, I copy and paste the URL results (macro) into a scrap page for later review that I call up on my mobile or home PC. It’s more manual than I would like, but it’s getting easier as I do more and more of my initial browsing on various websites.

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