Windows Vista Upgrade Pricing Announced

MSNBC reported that Windows Vista pricing is now live on the Microsoft corporate after a busy week in the press on pricing last week. You’ll find the retail details on the Windows Vista site. Overall you’ll find that the cost for a

  • Windows Vista Home Basic is US SRP$199, with upgrades to Windows XP for $99.95.

  • Windows Vista Home Premium: $239 (upgrades will be $159). upgrade for Media Center PCs to record TV and link to the Xbox 360.

  • Windows Vista Business: $299 (upgrades will be $199).

  • Windows Vista Ultimate: $399 (upgrades will be $259). This version combines the feature set you see of Premium with the features in Vista Business.

My blog report on our  move to Vista at home is delayed (imagine that) due to our need to install on our home PCs, wind down our last summer weekend, and get the kids ready for school this week. In short, most time was spent on archiving the data form the machines than on the installs.

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7 replies on “Windows Vista Upgrade Pricing Announced”

I have been defending you guys for the past 5 years but I can’t do it anymore. This pricing is ridiculous! $199 for a stripped down home version that doesn’t even have the Aero interface?!?!? And who in the heck is going to spend $399 to get Vista "Ultimate"?

I was hoping that MS would wise up and see that lower cost alternatives are available and would offer a low end Home version for something like $99 ($49 upgrade). But I see that you guys have clearly forgotten that the world has grown increasingly tired of your empty promises and greed.

So unless they want to shell out $239, home users have waited 5 years for nothing! Thanks for thinking of us…

With the typical US to UK ripoff conversion rate, Vista will be £399 (£259 upgrade).

I’m not sure it actually does enough to warrant that price.

For the second comment from Jon, I don’t know what the UK or EU prices are for Vista, but will post them when I see them.

As for the comments from anon re: pricing on Vista upgrades, I hear you. I was glad to see that there is pricing is at parity with the XP upgrade pricing we see today. As noted at, Windows Vista Home Premium includes the features of the current Media Center Edition, which is fine for our MCE PC at home, as we don’t require the feature set of Ultimate.

More on this on the blog…

If XP cost me $299.99 for Professional Edition Retail, why should an upgrade of Vista Ultimate an equivalent OS cost $40 more than my original full XP OS?

Doesn’t make any sense…. Then microsoft wonders why people get their OS from “Other places”

How about making the pricing more reasonable? Oh wait I’m sorry, this is a rich man’s world <deleted> the working man. Now I remember.

To Anonomous, I’ve published your comment. I think that each person has to look at the benefits in the different flavours of Windows Vista and decide which if any make sense to upgrade, and if the value proposition is right for them. For me, I find that I don’t need Ultimate on my PCs with Windows XP Pro at home: Windows Vista Home Basic meets the needs for most of our PCs, and Windows Vista Home Premium for our Media Center.

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