Dual booting Vista with XP: moving the rest of our PCs

One small step… deep breath.

This weekend I’m reimaging a couple of Windows XP-based OEM machines with the latest Windows Vista software, and I’m following the details on setting up a dual-boot system with Windows Vista., as outlined on the Windows Vista team blog. This is the same scenario as I have on a dogfood machine at the office, the different is that I’ll be moving my remaining desktops at home to Windows Vista RC1.

“[Dual booting] is a very common scenario at Microsoft and as such, I figured I’d walk you through our typical dual-boot installation procedure via the corporate network.  Many of my colleagues choose to run both operating systems simultaneously (not me — I’m all Windows Vista, all the time) by partitioning their hard drives and running a separate OS on each partition.  They do this for a variety of reasons, but in many cases it’s so they can test new builds of Windows Vista while retaining Windows XP (or another OS) on another partition.  This will allows them the flexibility to perform build-to-build upgrades more easily while retaining the original OS as an alternative should there be a blocking bug in the Windows Vista build.”

Before I do this, I’m backing up everything with OneCare as well as a drag-copy to an external drive.

Given my interest in using audio at home, I was glad to see the details from Amir on the audio subsystem advances in this new whitepaper, and this info on the improved Movie Maker and DVD Maker. 

Although I’m running Office 2007 beta on a Vista PC at the office, we’ll see how the move goes before I take the plungs at home.

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