TwC’s site on Product Reliability… and “WSYP”

We have a section on Microsoft site that provides an overview on our reliability efforts through our Trustworthy computing effort (aka TwC). We work closely with the group on several efforts (most recently this summer on the Engineering Excellence/Trustworthy Computing Forum that many blog about) and overall improve product security and provacy, quality and reliability…

“Reliability means more to Microsoft than just making dependable software and providing support. It also means continued investments in processes and technology to improve reliability, active partnership with a wide variety of software and hardware companies, and a continuing focus on every customer’s experience.”

You’ll also find a list of resources, which includes links to such sites as…

  • Overview of Windows Vista Reliability: Performance Features and Improvements. Windows Vista was designed to be more reliable and faster than Microsoft Windows XP, to help increase user productivity and decrease support costs.
  • Enterprise Engineering Center. This Microsoft-hosted center enables organizations to test complex business computing scenarios on systems that match their own IT environment.
  • IT Showcase. Get an insider view of how Microsoft develops, deploys, and manages its own enterprise solutions. This Web site offers technical case studies, white papers, presentations and more, direct from Microsoft IT.

The last site — IT Showcase — also includes videos from the UK’s IT’s Showtime site. This reminded me that it’s back to the chairs for those with buggy code, as documented in the video on the “We Share Your Pain” system (or “WSYP” – also available here on YouTube) from Mauro Meanti, GM for STB EMEA. Steve blogged about this clip today (on YouTube now), the video shows how we “leverage customer feedback for software quality” and one that I often show to new employees… many of whom know still recall what it’s like to be a customer who would like to “share their pain” with developers. 😉

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