Mike Nash on Securing your Small Business

MikeNash Nash presented an on-demand webcast for the Small Business Summit this past March, and presented a session on “Is Your Business at Risk? Tools To Use.” (View the webcast here.)

“The bad news is there is a lot of bad stuff out there: Malware. Pirates. Viruses. And more evil. The good news is that the industry — and Microsoft — has made great strides in its efforts to combat and prevent malicious software attacks. Mike Nash, Microsoft’s VP of Security discusses the dangers and how you can steer clear of them.”

Mike is on sabbatical (now with Ben Fathi at the helm), and I expect that he’s spending lots of time with family… which in this case includes customers of all sizes, from individual consumers to small businesses. I like that he understands what it’s like to be your family’s resident IT Pro. He’s just as at home with these customers as he is with large enterprise customers when it comes to dicussing security.

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