Blog links: Apple’s WWDC ’06 keynote

Thanks for the link to a friend this am to Xeni’s coverage yesterday of the Apple WWDC06 in San Francisco. Here are a couple of notable/interesting items…

“10:00 — WWDC-tailored video clip of Mac/PC guys. “PC” tells all developers present at WWDC to go home, get in touch with their inner poets, please stop developing.

“Jobs: Over 4200 registered attendees today. Lots of developers here — 1 developer for ever four attendees. Glass-walled Apple store in NYC one of over 100, 17 million visitors in stores last quarter. Those buying Macs, 50% are new to Mac. 3/4 of macs shipped last quarter were intel-based. 12% marketshare for notebooks, doubled from January to June, 2006.

“10:22 — Steve Jobs: We now have 19 million Mac OSX users. Last release of OSX, Tiger, best-selling Mac software ever. 86 million lines of source codes ported to run on entirely different architecture with zero hiccups. Now over 3K universal apps shipping. OK, now let’s trash Microsoft, and for that I introduce Bertrand Serlet.

“11:06 — Dashboard. More than 2500 widgets available for Dashboard. Leopard enables more in two ways.”

Also of interest: I liked Engadget’s coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote (which I read yesterday), the OS X 10.5 “Leopard” debuts and the Vista ref in their signage (link to Engadget’s pic):

At least the hip folks in Apple Marketing are using Keane in their music-related demos (of album art). ; )

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I think it’s hilarious that Steve made stinging comments about Vista stealing features from Mac OS, then he immediately goes on to talk about Time Machine, which is a complete rip-off of System Protection in Vista.

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