Weekend Q&A: How do I convert other video files to WMV?

This week, I received a question that my home video / prosumer side enjoys: “What software should I use for converting [name of video format here] to Windows Media Video files?”


At home, I use TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress and Riverpast’s VideoCleaner for doing transcodes between a variety of different formats. They’re both excellent products, and I like TMPGEnc as it has good editing and video correction utilities built in. A popular option for professional video conversion is Autodesk Cleaner XL (which I think used to be Media Cleaner Pro).


A good resource for doing conversions, video formats and tools, I really like the site. It’s well organized and has links to just about every piece of video software out there.


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One reply on “Weekend Q&A: How do I convert other video files to WMV?”

why not try to use ConvertMovie?
With It, you just open any of your video files, select a new video format, and – save your video! ConvertMovie does the rest! To convert your videos even faster and easier, save your settings as a preset and simply select it next time.

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