Friday fun: MSNBC on “The Digital Life”

MSNBC has a series on “The Digital Life” (note: it does not feature any hotel heiress TV icons), a look at new technology for the home, from your garage to the kitchen and the backyard.

This week the installment is on the digital bath, and although it doesn’t offer any helpful information or recommendations on how to wire your room with sound coming from a streaming media player in the living room, it does offer a look at how you might get a snide comment or two from small appliances:

“Connected via the Internet, the [health monitor] devices have small LCD screens that ask questions — “How are you feeling today?” — and then prompt the patient through whatever testing procedure is appropriate, such as taking blood sugar or testing lung function. The device asks more questions about how the patient is feeling and then sends on the results of the “visit” to the doctor for follow up.”

Oh, well.