Players into Plowshares

I was talking to friends at the office this week about the effort to equip senators with their own iPods (as nadyne notes in her blog). (I wonder what Maria Cantwell has on her player.)

And why just an iPod? I’d heartily recommend another inexpensive multiformat audio player such as the new Samsung YP-U1X or one of the many great products from Creative (I may one day trade in my PMC for the Zen Vision M).

And while you’re at it, send them details on signing up for Rhapsody To Go, my favorite new subscription service. My only complaint is that most of the music I own (or “possess licenses to”) is ripped at a much higher rate (WMA lossless or VBR) than Rhapsody apparently provides (160kbps). But for travel and the car, it’s great.

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