Uncategorized search is now powered by MSN Search

Eytan blogged that Search is now powered by MSN Search. This means that when you go to and look at the search bar in the upper right, MSN Search technology is used to search the site. As he notes, the prognosis is good and the impact has been positive. In my own searches, I found that the quality of searches has improved and that returned results are much more relevant: regularly dogfooding MSN Search, relevance has increase dramatically over the last six months.

I also like the fact that the team has implemented the feedback loop from MSN Search at the bottom of each search…

Have a problem or suggestion? Tell us about it.

This link to the customer feedback page is quite powerful, allowing Microsoft to collect your feedback on specific queries and other comments. The feedback is used by MSN Search to improve relevance, and the group that manages Microsoft.Com will use the data to improve the site and search.

These teams rolled out improvements to our sites and search tools over the last several months. They regularly incorporate the voice of the customer in just about everything they do, and are truly focused on improving the customer experience of our web properties. When you consider the sheer number of pages linked off of the main web site for the company, you start to appreciate the enormity of the challenge. 

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