Of interest: NORAD Santa Tracker

This year, I’ll spend tomorrow nite with my kids on line tracking Satna Claus on the NORAD Santa Tracker. This site gets better every year, and this year we found a bunch of great things for kids to do on line… perfect after-dinner fare. I also expect that the video feeds of Santa traveling across the Earth, taken as he flies around the world, will be clear and crisp.

The NORAD Santa Tracker has become a family tradition, seeing as it’s been a regular Christmas Eve event the past few years. It’s run byu the great folks at NORAD-USNORTHCOM, and this year one of the partners is Windows Live Local. (My son prefers the cool NORAD shoulder patch over any of the other logos.)


And of course the question of the day: does Santa manage the Naughty/Nice list run on SQL?