Be ready for the right Xbox connections

OK, one more Xbox 360 post. It occurred to me today as a friend who purchased an Xbox 360 core system that unless you have an HD-compatible TV, make sure you have the right cable. If you need composite connections, many retail stores have the Xbox 360 S-Video AV Cable in stock (part # B4W-00001). And if you purchased a system with wireless controllers, for extended holiday play time there are rechargeable battery packs (part # B4U-00001) that provide additional power for the controllers with the Play and Charge Kit you already own.

So read the package, know what you have and make the mad dash to the store tomorrow. Heck, use one of the retailers that offers on-line, pre-ordering that you can pick up in-store, bypassing the long lines of people who are doing their last minute shopping for USB cables they realized they needed at the last minute for the printer they just purchased. (That was me this week: it seems that no printer includes a cable anymore.) Luckily, I used on-line purchasing at CompUSA and BestBuy this week — a great thing — and it allowed me to pass by the long lines that had grown at both stores.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.