“Grumble grumble.” Customers talk back to Comms Companies…

The Washngton Post today has an interesting online transcript of a discussion between consumers and company execs to discuss customer service in the communications industry. Included were execs from Cingular Wireless, Cox Communications and Verizon. This was a follow up to an article that ran in August in the Post…

Consumers Frustrated With Static on the Service Line

Communications Companies Rankle Customers

Yuki Noguchi, Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, September 20, 2005; 1:00 PM

Even as technology races to new heights in the communications industry, the mundane matter of customer service keeps dragging consumers back to earth. Such companies now rate near or at the bottom in some customer satisfaction surveys, even as the government moves to loosen oversight and deregulate the industry.

This comes at an interesting time with the Qwest/Microsoft announcement today…

Qwest, Microsoft to Offer Web-Phone Service

Qwest and Microsoft are teaming up to provide small businesses with Internet-based phone services, in another sign that Microsoft is trying to break into the telecommunications business.