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OK, this has nothing to do with delighting Windows customers and partners, but for those who didn’t see this Sunday’s article in the Seattle Times on preparing for a disaster, I’ve shared it here. [Ed: I updated the link to a current article as the original is 404.)

No matter where you are, there’s always a chance that nature will throw something your way. Coming from Northern California a couple of years ago, we’ve had emergency kits in the garage and in each of our cars in anticipation of an earthquake… but this reminded us that we still had a few things left to take care of in case of emergency. At our home we’ve implemented the preparedness that’s popular in Japan, of having suitacases for each member of the house (actually, duffles and packs for the kids), and plastic containers in each car filled with the basics: bottled water, first aid kits, pre-packaged (non-perishable) foods, space blankets, fire extinguisher, flashlight with batteries, rope, tarp and misc personal hygiene items. Water is the most important item: figure on a gallon a day per person, twice that in the summer.

Included in the article was a link to their printable disaster tip sheet which you can use “to get your personal disaster plan into shape.”

Infographic guide to earthquake preparedness

The USGS also maintains a page on earthquake preparedness, in addition to their info on activity by state accessible from their home page (here’s a link for WA).

Highly recommended.

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