Update available for Microsoft Office OneNote for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iOS

Remember the new release of Microsoft Office OneNote for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iOS?

Benoit Barabe reminded me of the  1.0.1 update released which addresses the error 400 some users experienced. Still US only for now, but everyone who has 1.0 should get the free upgrade to 1.0.1.

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OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote on Apple iPhone

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Now available: Microsoft Office OneNote for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iOS

**Free for a limited time**

I love Microsoft Office OneNote on my Windows Phone 7. I f I still used my iPhone 3GS, I could now get OneNote there, too: the team has released Microsoft OneNote for the iPhone. Follow the team blog (including outside the US availability) here. 

You can get Microsoft’s OneNote for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad at the Apple iTunes App Store at As Michael Oldenburg noted today…

“Since I began looking at Microsoft Office 2010 Beta feedback last year, the one question so many of you asked perhaps more than any other was “When will you release a OneNote app for the iPhone?” I’m happy to say that the time has come. First, check out the official announcement by Takeshi Numoto, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Office Product Management Group. Then head over to the iTunes App Store to download OneNote Mobile for iPhone. It works on any iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 or later, and it’s free for a limited time.

“With OneNote Mobile, you can create and view notes and lists right on your iPhone. Your notes can be synced with your Windows Live SkyDrive account so you can access, edit, and share them from virtually anywhere. (Don’t have a SkyDrive account yet? Sign up here — it’s free!) You can also use OneNote Mobile for iPhone to view and edit any of the notes that you’ve created on your computer and synced to your SkyDrive account.”

Microsoft OneNote Mobile is the easy-to-use, powerful note-taking application for all of your ideas, brought to you by Microsoft Office. OneNote Mobile lets you create and view notes and lists whenever you need them. Sync your notes with free Windows Live online storage and access them from virtually anywhere using your phone, PC, or almost any web browser.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

    iPhone Screenshot 1    iPhone Screenshot 2

With OneNote Mobile, you can:

  • Create flexible notes that can include text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes
  • Check To Do items off on the go
  • Save time with quick access to your most recent notes
  • Work with confidence—OneNote Mobile automatically syncs your notes with Windows Live in the background
  • Organize your notes into sections or create new notebooks using OneNote 2010 or OneNote Web App and access them from your iPhone


  • iPhone or iPod touch must have iOS 4.2 or higher
  • A free Windows Live ID is required to use OneNote Mobile —use an existing one or let OneNote Mobile help you sign up
  • Web functionality uses the free OneNote Web App available on Windows Live, which requires a supported web browser
  • OneNote Mobile opens notebooks created in Microsoft OneNote 2010 or the OneNote Web App
  • Customizing section colors requires Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • Access your notes online at

As noted on the on the San Francisco Chronicle site today

Microsoft took a huge step forward in its mobile strategy this morning: for the first time, the company has released an Office application for Apple’s iPhone.

OneNote, which has been part of the desktop Office family since 2003, is a natural fit for mobile touch-screen devices: it’s supported touch interface (with a stylus, true, but touch nonetheless) since its inception. Users often want to take quick notes on the go, and OneNote backs files up to the cloud via Windows Live SkyDrive, giving users access to all their notes from any location and device with an Internet connection.

“It’s also a great move for Microsoft, which needs to maintain the relevance of Office — its number-two business, with revenue of about $13 billion a year — as smartphones and tablets grow at the expense of Windows PCs.

Read more:

Good stuff.

UPDATE 01/18 – 12:50 PM PST from the OneNote Blog… 

OneNote Program Manager Daniel Escapa confirms that due to the overwhelming response to the OneNote Mobile app release today, we have received reports from some customers who are experiencing an error when they attempt to login. Specifically, you may encounter the following error message: “Loading list of notebooks failed. (400).”

The underlying cause is an intermittent issue due to the overwhelming interest in the app. The current workaround is to keep attempting to sign in. Once you get past this error, OneNote Mobile will sync without any problem. The OneNote team is actively investigating the issue and believes to have identified the cause. An update for the app is in the works. Please check back for further developments as they become available. We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely thank you for your patience and interest in OneNote Mobile.

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OneNote on Windows Phone 7, OneNote on Apple iPhone

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How to access your bookmarks on Windows Phone 7

As I noted in my post with tips on moving from an iPhone to a new Windows Phone 7, I also touched on how to sync several files, including the backing up of my iPhone’s browser bookmarks. I failed to note how I access my favourites on Windows Phone 7, which I do via the power of Windows Live. (There are different ways to sync files on your phone, depending on the type of file and where it’s stored. To learn more, take a look at the article on syncing files with your phone.)

One easy way I’ve found to use the list of my favourites (sorry, in the US it’s favorites 😉 I use OneNote Mobile. As I noted previously, OneNote lets you take notes and sync notebooks with your new Windows Phone 7 and integrates easily with Windows Live SkyDrive.

Internet Explorer Favorites are Internet bookmarks, simply web URLs (such as along with the friendly names for them (“M3’s blog”).  Surprisingly, I found that I had relatively few iPhone bookmarks saved on my device, likely a testament to how I used the phone: often, I linked to sites from an email or app. As noted in my previous post, since Apple’s iOS v3 release, bookmarks can be backed up in iTunes.

When you connect your iPhone to iTunes, you’ll see an option to “Sync bookmarks with Internet Explorer”. This will enable iTunes to save your bookmarks and have them appear in your IE Favorites list.

Now, with my bookmarks all loaded into IE’s Favorites, I exported my favorites from IE as noted in – you can select which folder to export (if you have many, as I do) or just export them all.

Once I exported the Favorites file (as “bookmarks.htm”), I opened this file in IE. Using cursor I selected the bookmarks displayed in the browser window that I wanted to reference on my phone. I then copied and pasted the selection into a new OneNote document right in Windows Live (I use Office 2007 at home — shame on me — and Office 2010 at the office, which with OneNote 2010 can be linked directly with Windows Live — very slick).

You can also use the quick and dirty method by copy and pasting the Favourites directly into an email and send it to yourself (a tip I use from time to time to remind myself of other important items ;).

Click here to learn more about using Favorites and history in Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7.

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How to access iphone bookmarks on Windows Phone 7, How to access IE favorites on Windows Phone 7, How to access IE favourites on Windows Phone 7


Mike Tholfsen’s new blog on OneNote what else I’ve read recently

Mike Tholfsen is an energetic and dedicated senior test manager at Microsoft, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in his effort to bring the message of Test Customer Champions to other engineering groups around the company.  Product groups who hear about the Test work in OneNote find the effort quite innovative. 

image Earlier this year, Chris Pratley of Office Labs noted that Mike is a “OneNOte Ninja” (an honour of the highest order, I’m sure)…

“Another guy who’s doing a great job but isn’t blogging yet (he’s shy) is Mike Tholfsen. Mike is the test manager of the OneNote team, and he’s also a tireless (and I mean tireless) OneNote promoter inside Microsoft. You may remember Mike as the guy who wrote “My One and only OneNote“…

“What Mike has done is make a point of meeting with all the right executives, sales people, and so on to get across to them that OneNote can be more than a note-taking tool. He’s made videos internally and externally, like this one to show the power and ease of use of OneNote, in particular focusing recently on this “content distribution” aspect of OneNote to replace paper for green corporate or academic initiatives. He’s helped the Office marketing folks see this potential in OneNote too.”

And a personal (one)note: I use OneNote regularly in meetings and to help compile notes for projects, schedules and more.  Read about Mike and more in this week’s reading list.  To folks in the States: have a good long weekend… and for folks outside the States: now you know  why you’re seeing all the OOF messages on Monday… 

Mike Tholfsen’s OneNote and Education Blog — My friend Mike Tholfsen, test manager on OneNote, launched his new OneNote and education blog. Mike is a super smart guy, and I’ve been impressed how he and the team focuses on customer experience. 

Also of interest: Mike’s webcast on OneNote 2007 Tips and Tricks: Personal Usage and Collaboration. Join this live webcast to get tips and tricks covering many aspects of Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, beginning with the basic concepts of a digital notebook and the flexible OneNote 2007 “page.” Take a walk with a hands-on expert, and discover how to use OneNote to help you research for a project or trip, and to run effective weekly meetings and action items.

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