Looking for Windows Phone 7 apps? Try Bing Visual Search Gallery

As I noted in a post yesterday in a few tips on what to know about moving to a new Windows Phone 7, there are a number of apps available for the platform – with many of the apps I’ve been using over the last couple of years. But I was wondering how to look for new apps when I’m not on the phone but on my computer.

Well, you can. There’s an app… er, a Bing page for that.

As noted on the Windows Team Blog on Windows Phone, you can search the catalog of apps via the Bing Visual Search Gallery for Windows Phone 7 apps

The gallery, available in the U.S. and U.K, lets you check out our app catalog using your web browser. See something you want? Bing can take you straight to the app in Zune Marketplace, where you can download it to your phone. (For this to work, you’ll need the Zune software installed on your PC.)

Picture of Bing Visual Search for Windows Phone 7 apps

If you’re thinking about buying a Windows Phone, this new addition to Bing’s Visual Search lineup makes it easier to see what popular apps are available—or to look up a specific app using the Search box. (Fun fact: You can also use Bing Visual Search to research Windows Phone 7 handsets.)

Explore Windows Phone 7 apps on Bing Visual Search

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See All the Windows Phone 7 Apps on Bing


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