Advisory: Office for Mac 12.1.4 Fixes Entourage Meeting Invite Issue

As you may know from previous posts, we have both Macs and Windows PCs at home ( think that we even have some CPM and Unix lurking around somewhere).  One benefit is that I get to be the IT administrator for both, although the family uses Windows Vista exclusively.  As such, I was a bit mystified when I ran into a problem with a recent update for Office for Mac 2008 — version 12.1.3 – which introduced a bug that impacted the ability to send meeting invites via Entourage.

Well, the MacBU has resolved the issue in a little more than a week, with 12.1.4 fixing the Entourage Meeting Invite Issue.

"We’ve been working hard for the last week and a half to bring Entourage users today’s 12.1.4 update. It’s incredibly frustrating when we get through a release process and a new issue is introduced by an update.  When we start to hear feedback and customer reports about issues with an update, I simply cringe because so much work goes into preventing that from happening. Unfortunately, the recent Office for Mac 2008 12.1.3 update introduced a bug that prevented some Entourage users from sending meeting invites to others. We’re sorry."

The MacBU has identified the root cause and has worked on an update to correct the issue as posted hereVersion 12.1.4 should now be available and corrects this issue.  The update will be available through the Office 2008 auto-update tool and on mactopia at

Thanks to Ash Savage and the Microsoft MacBU team for this update.

(Also posted here on the excellent Entourage MVP Blog.)

This is a good time to recommend that you have a backup of a known good version of Office 2008. as noted in this posting: Revert to a previous version after a bad update.

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