Article & Video: BusinessWeek on “Customer Service Champions”

Of interest is this video clip from BusinessWeek on “Customer Service Champions” from their report earlier in the year, a ranking of the top companies that put the customer first. 

On tap in the report is a look at how the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain (number 11 on BW’s list) focuses on service values and how to engage the customer.

Video still“From hotel chains to retailers, BusinessWeek reveals the companies that do the best job of catering to you. We’ll take a closer look at a luxury hotel company that made the list and show you how it’s taking personalized service one step beyond.”

“In BusinessWeek’s first-ever ranking of the best providers of customer service, we set out to find the service champions, but also to dig into the techniques, strategies, and tools they use to make the customer king. To launch the process, we created a list based largely on brands in J.D. Power & Associates’ database. In addition, we polled 3,000 of our readers, generating a pool of names most associated with treating customers well. We then asked J.D. Power, which, like BusinessWeek, is owned by The McGraw-Hill Companies, to survey customers about the brands that were nominated by readers but not already in its database.”

In BusinessWeek’s top ten…

  1. USAA Insurance

  2. Four Seasons Hotels

  3. Cadillac

  4. Nordstrom

  5. Wegmans Food Markets

  6. Edward Jones

  7. Lexus

  8. UPS

  9. Enterprise Rent-a-Car

  10. Starbucks 

What makes a customer service chapion? BusinessWeek says that it’s a combination of great people, great products and great execution.

Of interst: Apple is #18: “Despite frustration about iPod battery replacements, Apple’s customer service phone support ranks tops among electronics providers. In particular, customers rate its automated phone system as easy to navigate and good at resolving questions.”