MCP asks: Will you upgrade to Vista or are you waiting for “Windows 7”?

A quick post between meetings… in their current poll asks readers (IT managers and network administrators… perhaps you, too) the question: will you be…

“Upgrading to Vista or waiting for “Windows 7”?

You can choose one of the following answers:

  • I’ll eventually upgrade to Vista.

  • I’ve already upgraded to Vista.

  • Skipping Vista and going straight to Windows 7.

  • Not even considering Windows 7.

  • I’ll stick with XP as long as I can.

  • I’ve already moved on to a non-MS OS.  

So far a little more than 100 people have taken the poll.

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Press coverage on Microsoft Windows 7 (internal name) “due in 3 years”

Letting out a deep breath…

Today in Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog, Todd covers that Microsoft confirms ‘Windows 7’ due in 3 years.

“At an internal meeting for its sales force this week, Microsoft confirmed the code name and approximate timing for Windows Vista’s successor. The details, such as they are, aren’t a huge surprise, but given the dearth of information from Microsoft on its next PC operating system, any confirmation seems notable.

“According to a series of PowerPoint slides presented at the company’s internal “MGX” global sales meeting this week, the new version is, as expected, known by the internal name “Windows 7,” and it’s due out in approximately three years.

“In a statement today, Microsoft described the presentation as part of an “ongoing outreach to enterprise customers and partners … including Software Assurance customers in particular.” The statement confirmed that the company “is scoping Windows ‘7’ development to a three-year timeframe, and then the specific release date will ultimately be determined by meeting the quality bar.”

On the “Windows 7 internal name…” that’s the project name we use internally to refer to the next version of Windows Client.

With apologies to Prince, one day it will be “the Microsoft OS formerly known as Windows 7.” 😉

And ZDNet‘s Mary Jo Foley said in her post “Windows Seven: Think 2010” that “before Microsoft delivers Windows Seven, it plans to roll out an update to its current MDOP offering, Vista Service Pack 1 and then another MDOP update, according to the deck. Microsoft made no dates — tentative or otherwise — available for these planned releases via the deck.”

“Short answer: Yes, it is going to take us at least three years to release Windows Seven. Longer if it’s buggy and doesn’t hit the “quality bar.” The Windows teams a while back set themselves the goal of releasing new versions of Windows client and Windows server every two years, alternating between major and minor releases. Microsoft’s Office team has prided itself on releasing like clockwork new versions every 24 to 36 months.”

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