Microsoft on standards, behind the scenes building Windows 8, and more of what I’ve read this week

A few links of interest today… a quick post as I need to get through my email. Busy week.

With Valentines around the corner, I particularly enjoyed these 16 things Calvin & Hobbes said better than anyone else via @moorehn

Thanks to Larry Hryb (aka @majornelson) we’re reminded what happens to the losing team’s championship shirts: #SuperBowl

This great news on the Microsoft Giving Campaign: Microsoft Employees Give Back in Record Fashion: US$100.5 million in 2011

My take on what the PC will look like in five years, with a nod to my son’s possible Windows PC in 2016:

Microsoft’s public statement on support for industry standards:, plus our blog post on Microsoft’s position and support for industry standards:

BuildWindows8: Good grief. We said “Media Center will definitely be part of Windows 8” in

Also from the Win8 team: Behind the scenes building Windows on ARM, “WOA”.. video demo and tons of details see post … lots to read about! 🙂

While we’re on the topic: CNET reported that Metro’s not just an interface to Microsoft. “It’s an ethos.” Here’s why it rules.

Since we’re on a roll, how about this post on Windows 8, which should be called “Alive and kicking!” 😉 via @MichaelGillett

And worth reading: “Designing Windows 8 or: How to Redesign a Religion” via @MPalermiti

Via toddbishop: Microsoft merges voice-response tech into 24/7 Inc., promises smarter self-serve calls

From Microsoft Australia: SMB Video Series: How to manage your PCs #intune

Via Forrester Research: Top customer experiences can come from unexpected places – what brands surprise you with their customer experience?

From Linda Thomas: Facebook Timeline: Disliked by the Masses

Related, @marypcbuk‘s article ‘Why Windows 8 needs architectural hygiene for WOA’ #zdnetuk

Via danah boyd: More people live alone than at any other time in history. This is good & bad. @NYTimes oped by @EricKlinenberg:

Is This Living Room Big Enough for My TV? @NYTimes has some helpful hints:

Related, this from Om Malik on why smartTVs are going to be the next net neutrality battle ground.

From Eric Ligman, Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile #msuspartner #mspartner via @kevinmachayya

Alan Moore explains the Guy Fawkes mask, Occupy, Anonymous and anti-ACTA protests

The erudite Michael S. Kaplan blogs: The oft-repeated ‘What version of Unicode do we/will me support?’ question, Redux

Vinod Khosla: Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science – Magazine –

The average price of a home in Menlo Park has already gone up from $1.8m to $2m ahead of Facebook’s IPO

From Roger von Oech, creativity strategy: For a fresh approach: “Change Viewpoints.” Fun story at:

Via Fast Company: With “Lillyhammer” @Netflix Wants To Destroy Traditional TV, Get You “Hooked” On All-At-Once Watching by @AustinCarr

By SAI: The Least Stealthy Startup In The Valley Has Officially Launched $CSCO by @Julie188

From Techland: Study suggests that Apple mobile apps are more crash-prone than Android apps |

From VentureBeat: Dylan’s Desk: What it takes to compete with Silicon Valley

In the Wall Street Journal: Are French parents superior? This author says while American’s fret, French raise happy children without the anxiety.

Just a reminder: Google+ ‘is not a social network’ via @Telegraph. Confused with a movie of the same name

Via Bruce Temkin: Thinking about a Chief Customer Officer role within your company? Check out my new post: #cx custexp

Cisco’s Vision: Top 5 Future Technology Trends

Harvard Biz Review: America’s Next Top Engineer: She Needs Your Models

Via Dare Obasanjo: the difference between solving problems in real life versus school – #programming

How can we capitalize on #cloud computing to strengthen the #EU economy? from Microsoft Europe

More on Kinect for Windows: Game on for commercial use

Tarran Vaillancourt, Why I love #Windows7 – it can help employees be more productive while achieving better work-life balance “Ohmmm” 🙂

W3C co-chair: Apple, Google power causing Open Web crisis (@stshank / CNET)

Here’s How Microsoft Could Sell Lots Of ARM Tablets To Big Companies (MSFT), via Everything Microsoft

Also courtesy Vinod Khosla: The Future of Peer Review –

From Jessica Vascellaro, With 5.2% of PC shipments and 13.9% of smartphone shipments globally here’s one way Apple wants to close the gap.

Thanks to David Aronchick for the pointer on this great essay… may you all never have this problem: How to Minimize Politics in Your Company via @bhorowitz

Steve Wildstrom reports Why Tablets are Important For eCommerce | The Daily @Techpinion

And to round it out, from @tgrumm: Hilarious – Will Ferrell introducing da Bulls

Did you see ‘Walk Off the Earth’ cover song that got 50,000,000 views AND a record deal?

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