Samoa adopts daylight saving time in 2010, but why at midnite?

I read in the Samoa Observer, and in case you missed the original news, Samoa will implement daylight saving time this September… MC900189348[1]

"…in response to the need for national strategies to address the crises with fuel and food prices. This new and exciting change will come into force on Friday night Saturday morning 25th September 2010 adjusting clocks forward 12:00am (0000Hrs) to 1:00am (0100Hrs) readjusting it back one hour from 1:00am (0100Hrs) to 12:00am (0000Hrs) on Friday night Saturday morning 2nd April 2011.

"Enquiries on daylight saving can be made to the Fair Trading and Codex Division of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labour on the 4th Floor of the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC House), Apia, or its Telephone 20441."

More details may be found here:

I wonder: do we have an office in Samoa? (Answer: no, but I think our offices in New Zealand may work with the nation.)

My concern here is the midnite change.

Here’s my regular advice for governments: in support of these types of changes, we provide guidance and Microsoft’s Policy in Response to DST/TZ Requests. It’s important for countries and territories to work towards seamless transitions to new DST and time zones policies, providing ample advance notice (of a year or more) with published confirmation of planned changes.

In addition – and this is important – we suggest that entities considering moves to DST implement changes at the next clock tick after 01:59:59 rather than at 00:00:00. Making the change at midnight can impact daily scheduled system events that sometimes occur at 12:00 midnite, such as back ups, data pulls or other automated tasks.

Apparently, I need to send out a few more emails to our folks in Public Sector.


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One reply on “Samoa adopts daylight saving time in 2010, but why at midnite?”

Dont really like that idea,seems silly. I believe day light saving does not need in area closer to the equator like samoa and hawaii and American samoa because the day are more consistent in length throughtout the year.The DLS instituted in USA during the world war two to save the energy for war productions. Think Samoa is very silly with all these changes that not make sense.

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