A few examples of how Microsoft product groups integrate the voice of customers into the development cycle

j0402594A couple of years ago, Steve Ballmer talked about in his email to customers how Microsoft can do a better job of serving its customers. One of the ways we did this was through the creation of the Security Development Lifecycle (aka SDL) in 2004, which helps to improve the security, privacy and reliability of the company’s software. Today I shared with one of our teams today the links to Steve Lipner’s book on The Security Development Lifecycle and an overview of the Microsoft SDL.

In addition to the SDL, I thought that I should also reference a couple of the following available documents on how a couple of our largest product groups integrate the voice of customers at key touch points throughout the software development lifecycle.

Integrating customer feedback during the Windows 7 dev cycle was critical to its success. As you’ll read in this post, the need to include the voice of the customer starts before we’ve written any code, with feedback from our OEM and ODMs, consumer and commercial accounts at all levels. When you have a product like Windows that serves such a large set of customers, we work hard to ensure that the OS release serves the broadest set of needs.

During the Windows 7 development cycle, we featured in this post an overview of the Windows Feedback Program that allow us to bring the voice of the customer into the development process.  And a practical application of how we use CEIP was provided in this post when we considered how to approach and present UAC in Windows 7, by examining customer feedback and telemetry. (You can also find more info here on the CEIP )

Given that we RTM’ed Microsoft Office 2010 has RTM’ed (more on this at let me also shine the light on that team: see Shawn Lipstein’s post on the Office engineering blog gives you such great insight on how our usability labs in the CEIP impacts the drive research and insight into everything we do.



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