Surviving CES in Las Vegas: A few helpful hints

Personal Photo by Kcferret of the Las Vegas Sign. June 2005 {{GFDL}} As you may already know, CES 2010 begins this week in Las Vegas (officially, CES is January 7-10). Yes, it’s true that researchers have determined that stress may cause the brain to become disconnected, but you don’t have to be disconnected at when traveling to Las Vegas.

Once again, I was asked not once, not twice but a half dozen times in the last day for a couple of restaurant recommendations and a link to my past, popular post, “Surviving CES in Las Vegas: A few helpful hints“. So with a tip of the hat to my old friends and definite foodies at Rogers (love Aureole), I offer a few tips for those heading off to Vegas this week for the event, recycling the bits in the blog post


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