Dell’s new Inspiron Zino HD: ZDNet says it’s “Dell’s answer to Apple’s Mac mini.”

dell_zino Of interest is the new Dell Inspiron Zino HD which ZDNet calls "Dell’s answer to Apple’s Mac mini."

"The Zino HD is an interesting machine because Dell has managed to cram a lot of power into the Mac mini-esque 7.8 inch by 7.8 inch footprint of the system. Buyers can choose from a selection of single and dual core AMD energy-efficient CPUs, as opposed to the Intel dual-core parts used in the Mac mini by Apple."

I’m impressed that Dell has put so much into a space 8" square (thanks to an external power supply). With an HDMI output and Blu-ray drive, coupled with up to 8GB memory (looks like 3GB is standard) this would make a nice Windows 7 home media centre.

For getting video into the box, looks like you’ll need a USB TV tuner, or access your Media Center via the network.


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