My Windows 7 Party Pack Arrives

As I noted earlier today on Twitter before my important afternoon meetings, my Windows 7 house party pack arrived.

The package may’ve been a little rough, but the contents are all intact, including the copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition, various party favours and decorations and instructions on how to throw a successful house party. (We’re throwing ours to friends with kids to look at the family safety features and home applications, along with plenty of pop and pizza, ‘though I’d love to show some of the more advanced management features.)

image   image

Of all the items in the box I had to ask: why a deck of Windows 7 playing cards? (That’s the little blue package in the centre of the second picture.)

Of interest: a Caribbean resident has a set of photos detailing their Windows 7 party pack unboxing here with some additional details…

"The goodies are actually very nice, especially the Windows 7 tote bags, perfect for the Cayman Islands for the beach! Also included were Windows 7 branded napkins, a puzzle pack; the pieces come together to form a wallpaper image from Windows 7. There was also a pack of Windows 7 playing cards, a colour poster and of course the piece de resistance, a FULL copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition (Steve Ballmer Signature Edition). What I was not expecting though was the Anytime Upgrade to Ultimate Signature 64 bit edition. A nice bonus!"


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2 replies on “My Windows 7 Party Pack Arrives”

If you please 1 hard question, I am running the preview 32 bit and also received party pack . Is there anyway to go from my 32 bit to the 64bit WITHOUT touching the keyboard to select the proper drive (Nothing i can do to make the keyboard work before windows loads also means i can not access bios tried adapters usb and ps2 keyboards few of each and pci-ps2 card, ps2 plug bad and/or bios but everything else works great other the the keyboard ) Worried about getting stuck in loop after the very 1st power off as i can not move the arrow keys to select DVD or hit any key to start DVD. asus a8v deluxe motherboard and it’s defaults for use were legacy

WoW, thats cool, Specially the Signature Edition, Can be kept as a Souvenier.

Well I miss these things, None of the offers or promotions are here for my country(Sri Lanka) :'(

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