Just ahead of Windows 7, Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 BETA is now available

I now have a new project for the weekend: dogfooding the latest bits just released for the Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 BETA, complete with new enhancements for Windows 7 PCs. 

New from the Windows Home Server team is their announcement of the new Power Pack 3 Beta.   Just ahead of our Windows 7 release, the team provides a "better together" combination across your Windows 7 PCs and Windows Home Server (we have an HP Windows Home Server at home).   

imageWe are pleased to announce the Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 Beta which improves the Windows Home Server experience with Windows 7 and Windows Media Center by providing the following new features: Backup and restore of computers running Windows 7, Windows 7 Libraries integration, enhancements for Windows Media Center, and better support for netbook computers.

Power Pack 3 Beta provides some great new functionality including the full back up and restore for Windows 7 PCs, improved Windows Media Center abilities, and better support for small form factor portable PCs. 

Although the team hasn’t said when Power Pack 3 will be officially released, this is your opportunity to help to test the Beta. The team did say that this free update to existing Windows Home Server users via Windows Update should be released "prior to the Windows 7 General Availability date of October 22".

If you are running Windows 7 on your home computer and are a current Windows Home Server user, the team could use your help testing the release. The beta is now available to the public via Microsoft Connect (available by going here).

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