Windows 7 Coming October 22

According to news reports today, Windows 7 is slated for debut on October 22, as noted in the lead story from Ina Fried at CNET News, Windows 7 to launch October 22

"Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday that it is planning for Windows 7 to hit retail shelves and start showing up on new PCs on October 22.

"To reach that milestone, Microsoft plans to wrap up development of the operating system by the middle or end of next month, Senior Vice President Bill Veghte said in an interview.

"The feedback from the release candidate has been good," Veghte said.

"Microsoft made the near-final release candidate version available last month. Shortly after its release, Microsoft finally confirmed that it was aiming Windows 7 for a holiday 2009 release, something that was widely anticipated, but not confirmed by those in Redmond.

"In an interview, Phil McKinney, chief technology officer of Hewlett-Packard’s computer unit, said that he feels good about Microsoft’s launch date.

"We’re locked and loaded for the launch," McKinney said. "The quality of code is just absolutely stellar."

Yes, I get all my news on Windows 7 from… and Steve Clayton 😉

Today, there’s also this post from Brandon on the Windows Team Blog, "The Date for General Availability (GA) of Windows 7 is…"

"… in stores beginning October 22nd.

"I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see Windows 7 sitting on store shelves!

"Some people may not be able to wait for Windows 7 to arrive before having to order a new PC (like parents who are sending their sons or daughters off to school who need of a PC to take with them). Fortunately, there is no need to wait. Soon, customers will be able to take advantage of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program. This program enables participating retailers and OEMs to offer a special deal to upgrade to Windows 7 for customers purchasing a qualifying PC. I’ll be doing another blog post about this program with a date and more details when we get closer to availability.

"Obviously, Release To Manufacturing (RTM) is an important milestone on the path to GA. We anticipate that we’ll be able to make the RTM code for Windows 7 available to our partners sometime in the 2nd half of July. We also expect to be able to make RTM code for Windows Server 2008 R2 available to our partners in this time frame as well."

FYR, the terms and details of the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program have not been released.

Other news stories:

Confirmed: Windows 7 Launches October 22 (Industry Standard) – It’s official: Windows 7 will make its debut on October 22. Microsoft confirmed the late-October launch date with PC World, details of which leaked out earlier today. Windows 7 development should finish up in July… 

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Microsoft Windows 7 To Hit Market In October (Post Chronicle) – Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday its new Windows 7 operating system will be generally available on October 22, well ahead of its original schedule and in time for the holiday shopping season. 

Microsoft Windows 7 to hit market end-October (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday its new Windows 7 operating system will be generally available on October 22, well ahead of its original schedule and in time for the holiday shopping season.

Windows 7 to be released October 22 (Beta News) – The news comes in advance of comments being planned for the Computex conference in Taiwan early tomorrow morning, by Microsoft Corporate Vice President for OEMs Steve Guggenheimer. There he is scheduled to officially deliver the news that Windows 7 general availability worldwide will begin on Thursday, October 22. Microsoft’s spokesperson gave Betanews a heads-up to expect comments from Guggenheimer concerning a program being called Windows Upgrade Option. That’s precisely the title of an FAQ that was leaked to the public last month by the technology blog TechARP. That FAQ, which appeared to contain language directly from Microsoft, spoke about a low- or no-cost upgrade option for recent purchasers of consumer SKUs of Windows Vista.

Windows 7 On Sale October 22 | Technology & Pop Culture – geeky guide to gadgets, new media and all things digital.

Windows 7 to launch October 22; RTM next month | Ed Bott’s Microsoft … A Microsoft spokesperson just confirmed for me the news I first read a few minutes ago in a story by Ina Fried of CNET News. The official date on which Windows 7 will be available for general purchase is October 22, 2009. The RTM code will be delivered to partners at the end of July.

Windows 7 Launching October 22 | – Microsoft conformed that Windows 7 will start selling on October 22, which just happens to be my wife’s birthday. I don’t think she’d appreciate a gift-wrapped copy of Windows 7, but a lot of people probably have Windows 7 on their shopping lists.


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