Thinking about the next public release of Windows 7, Digital TV, End to End Trust and more of what I’ve read

A quick post with few interesting links and stories from the reading pile before I head off to my next spate of discussions:

As I posted on twitter, when I clean install the next public Windows 7 build on PC at home, I’ll use WMIC to grab a list of my apps And thinking about the Windows 7 upgrade experience from Vista, my question to users was "have you backed up your files lately?"

Need DTV transition help? Zenith provides help guides for last mile of the US Digital TV Transition

Not to sound like a Microsoft ad, but I had a demo today of the new, sleek LifeCam Show from the HW team

The folks at EverythingMS posted about this noted from The Windows Blog: Test Your Application on Windows 7 at TechEd 2009

Thank to edbott for his post about his views on the real limits of Windows 7 Starter Edition? It does a lot more than you might think:

I saw an announcement of the new MSI X-Slim 340 netbook is wicked slim, uses Intel new low power chips & has 1366 x 768 LCD Resolution!

Want advice on cutting your television bill? Check out his article from MSN Money as we move from cable at home to ATSC

I read Microsoft’s Scott Charney’s paper "Establishing End to End Trust" noted in his RSA keynote available here, as well as Microsoft materials from the RSA Conference 2009

There’s been quite a bit if discussion about Comcast’s reported move to encrypt digital channels 30-99 currently clearQAM in the Seattle area. It’s rumoured that on June 14, Comcast will encrypt clearQAM cable channels 30-99 in Seattle/Bellevue area

Related topics: good resource from Sascha Segan on slashing TV bills with tech – we use a Media Center PC + DTV antenna at home. I’m reminded of advice on cutting your television bill from MSN Money as we move from cable at home to ATSC.  Also see Farhad Manjoo’s brief article on Why We Should Get Rid of TV on

Perhaps this news from Microsoft EMEA spawned the interest in migrating to net TV: the Internet to overtake traditional TV by June 2010 maybe this year in our home

Q&A w/ Windows Live GM Brian Hall on simplifying the online social networking experience

Be sure to watch the interview with Guy Kawasaki from david szetela at Guy said that "This is as irritated as I get publicly"

I read eweek’s 7 Things to Prepare for Windows 7 My recommendation: upgrade your hard disc with details at

Very cool: Forrest J Ackerman’s collection auction is coming up at the end of the month, with Blade Runner Rick Decker’s (aka Harrison Ford) iconic blaster

I fielded several replies to folks who’ve lost their Hotmail password: I offered some advice on what to do after the jump

Interesting article from Scott Charney from Microsoft on how the Internet Needs More Trust to Grow, on

Thanks to Marcus for link to video demo More on using parental controls to manage kid’s time on the PC

I enjoyed Rob Pegoraro’s article on Cable’s Absurd Insistence on Bulk @ and now I’m building my own bundle

I sent a note to Mary Hodder letting her know that on average, receive 560 pieces of junk mail per year (ouch) as noted in my post 

My props to @olajayi for launching a new company/ service w/ new teaser site up w/ beta sign up Good Luck!

New blog post: Thinking about preparing for Windows 7? I’m thinking it’s time for a new hard disk.

My post: Mac vs. a Windows PC, Windows 7 and Windows XP, Tiered ‘net Access & more

neil blecherman (smart guy) provided this link to a quick tutorial on various sources of clean power from the ocean

Heard on NPR: discussion on Time Warner Cable’s plans to implement tiered billing for Internet access

Several times this month, I recommended Windows Live Family Safety to friends for use w/ their kids

After we completed a personal, free handwriting font for my youngest at home, I made my own. is simple & high quality.

I read that 6.4 million lbs of CO2 reduced so far w/ Microsoft Connector shuttles doesn’t include public bus use

I found it interesting that 96% of netbooks run Microsoft Windows, so said NPD in InformationWeek

Whilst I was at home with the kids for spring break, MSN kicked off Stress Awareness Month. Coincidence? I think not.

F.C.C. Vote Sets Precedent On Unfettered Web Usage.(Business/Financial Desk). by Saul Hansell. The New York Times 157.54390 (August 2, 2008): pC1(L). 

Comcast Expanding Superfast Broadband To More Big Cities Aims To Take The Speed Lead
New 50 mbps Wideband service far faster than most rivals, but also way pricier, by Reinhardt Krause. Investor’s Business Daily (Dec 12, 2008): pA04.

Survey indicates that more than one-third of U.S. homes now have HDTV from Broadcast Engineering (Online Exclusive) (Nov 24, 2008)

Multichannel reports that over 120 million Americans are now watching online video at least once a month, yet overall time spent watching television continues to rise, according to Nielsen. George Winslow. Multichannel News, January 4, 2009


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