Who’s tweeting what on Twitter? A few of my recent favourites

How fitting that my reference to this blog post was my 1,000 tweet on Twitter but here are a few of my recent favourite tweets from others on Twitter.

A quick post as we hang with the kids this weekend on a gorgeous day: a few of my recent favourites tweets on Twitter:

Steve Case SteveCase Gorgeous day in DC. Sitting by Potomac River. Thinking. 6 minutes ago from Tweetie

Scott Giorgini ScottGiorgini Today’s WOW: "Worrying is the same thing as banging your head against the wall. It only feels good when you stop." — John Powers7:51 AM Apr 3rd from TweetDeck

Diane Hessan CommunispaceCEO RT @BusinessStrat Open letter 2new GM CEO Fritz Henderson. Listen 2 yr customers! AM Apr 1st from txt

Stephen Rose stephenlrose Check my interview on Social Media on ZDNet here: AM Mar 31st from twhirl

Guy Kawasaki guykawasaki How collaboration can harm a business! Holy kaw! There goes conventional wisdom.7:56 AM Mar 31st from Adjix

Dare Obasanjo Carnage4Life The cool thing about reorgs is that they point out how many technical decisions were really organizational decisions.7:44 AM Mar 31st from twitterrific

Dr. Drew drdrew Parents wonder why the streams are bitter, when they themselves have poisoned the fountain. John Locke4:55 PM Mar 28th from TweetDeck

Chris Mampe ChrisMampe is reading "Microsoft To Rivals: Take Your ‘Open Cloud Services Manifesto’ And Shove It" $MSFT3:15 PM Mar 26th from web

Greig WellsGreigWells Is Twitter About to Jump the Shark? Great Article by Ron Callari however I disagree and respond at Whats your take?10:14 PM Mar 25th from web

Stephanie Xu s_soliloquy RT @sinotechian Reading: "China’s Ad Market Grew 9% to $27.8 Billion in 2008 | Digital Marketing Inner Circle "( )10:14 PM Mar 25th from TweetDeck

Wayne Mansfield waynemansfield RT @screamingeagle1: "It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true." ~ Mark Twain #quote10:12 PM Mar 25th from TweetDeck

Brandon LeBlanc brandonleblanc why is it everytime simon cowell says something negative people boo? get over it. feedback isnt always positive8:38 PM Mar 25th from mobile web

CNET CNETNews The DIY droid you’re drooling for PM Mar 23rd from twitterfeed

toddbishop toddbishop Seattle Times has interesting Q&A with its readers quizzing Exec. Editor David Boardman on post-PI landscape, etc. PM Mar 23rd from web

CNET CNETNews Why Ballmer’s big mouth is good for Microsoft PM Mar 23rd from twitterfeed

TechFlash TechFlash Windows Vista picking up steam as demand rises for 64-bit PCs PM Mar 23rd from twitterfeed

Gina Trapani ginatrapani "It’s easy to look like a genius in a sea of mediocrity. That’s why you want to work on the web."2:48 PM Mar 23rd from TweetDeck

Mitch Kapor mkapor Ballmer’s take on Apple: $500 premium just buys a logo. (via @computerworld) Still clueless after all these years.6:33 PM Mar 21st from web

Sarah Evans PRsarahevans the idea that if u send an email and ppl will read it u r wrong. u should send an email 3 times and MAYBE they will ready 1. #edshow12:57 PM Mar 20th from TweetChat

marcusatmsft marcusatmsft #ocbf2009 in business, our "whole buffalo" is the customer relationship and we need to think like the plains indians thought10:29 AM Mar 19th from twhirl

Carrie Wilkerson barefoot_exec RT @easytouch"Don’t wait until u have it figured out, before u take action" PDF10:29 AM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

Pete Cashmore mashable Google Offers 500,000 Books for Free on Sony Reader – AM Mar 19th from

MSExpression MSExpression Video: Clearing CSS Floats with Expression Web – – #Expression #Web10:19 AM Mar 19th from web

Ina Fried inafried March madness playing in the press room at #mix09. I mean, we are all watching a demonstration of Silverlight in action.10:19 AM Mar 19th from web

Richard MacManus rww 12 Companies Targeting Tech Early Adopters

Major Nelson (Larry) majornelson I wish they would bring our conference call on hold music into this Millennium.9:06 AM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

Elijah Manor elijahmanor "Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place…" by Brian W. Kernighan #tech #quote AM Mar 19th from BigTweet

Nova Spivack novaspivack Twitter was on the Today Show: prepare for the onslaught. Teach the newbies Twitter Best Practices #TwitterBestPrac9:02 AM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

Julia Roy juliaroy Check out my SXSW recap blog post!! AM Mar 19th from web

ZDNet Blogs ZDNetBlogs EMEA Printer, Copier and MFP Unit Shipments, 2008 – AM Mar 19th from web

ZDNet Blogs ZDNetBlogs IBM and Sun: Is it about the hardware or the software? – AM Mar 19th from web

ZDNet Blogs ZDNetBlogs MacBook and Safari succumb to hackers – AM Mar 19th from web

ZDNet Blogs ZDNetBlogs Open source share growing in netbook market – AM Mar 19th from web

steve clayton stevecla sat next to Sinofsky here in the crowd at #mix09 – do I tell him Win 7 rocks? I think he probably knows8:58 AM Mar 19th from twhirl

Rob Pegoraro robpegoraro Today’s column reviews, and somewhat pans, Microsoft’s new #IE8: More details/commentary on my blog: AM Mar 19th from web

toddbishop toddbishop Judge says buyers of Windows Vista Capable PCs haven’t proven Microsoft deceived them by lowering standards for label: AM Mar 19th from web

Betsy Aoki BAoki Loved this post by @MaryHodder about Life of tweet:…8:53 AM Mar 19th from TweetDeck

Robert Morrison PragueBob Bob Dylan was only 20 years old on this day in 1962 when he released his first album by the same name. It contained only 2 original songs.8:52 AM Mar 19th from web

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Man, 1000 tweets.. you are way ahead of me, my friend.  Hope it’s made you some money!

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