John Dvorak’s Second Opinion on Microsoft’s business model needs a third opinion: Yours

Today I saw in John Dvorak’s Second Opinion column, John says Microsoft’s business model is done and that "the age of expensive office software may be near its end". (Also the story is available via

"Until now, the average computer user has been ignoring this trend. But the economic conditions and the emergence of powerful inexpensive computing has to make people rethink the Microsoft proposition.

"If Intel can provide users with powerful little systems for $99 and has been pushing prices lower and lower over the years, why can’t Microsoft? Intel makes elaborate hardware in billion-dollar factories. Microsoft stamps out a disk."

That’s like saying Hollywood studios ship out celluloid, HBO fills bandwidth or Amazon ships paper and bubble wrap.

C’mon, John…

Go ahead: leave him your comments on his post, pro or con.


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3 replies on “John Dvorak’s Second Opinion on Microsoft’s business model needs a third opinion: Yours”

Sounds about right to me.   None other than Ballmer says we need a $200 computer.  Agreed!

And that should include the cost of basic software to use the thing.

Not talking about some state of the art AI, weather simulation, robotic controls, etc.  Just basic Internet access, and simple office tools (some of which might be Internet based).

I haven’t owned a Windows machine since 2002 and have never missed it.

I could teach any grandma or grade school kid to use Linux and they’d be so much better off than living through viruses and DLL dependency h*ll, not to mention spyware and an ever growing unintelligible registry.

I now go from my Linux machine to my Apple Laptop to a Windows desktop at a friends house and all I ever need is a working web browser.   I no longer have my files locked into some single vendor environment.

Guess what:  Operating systems were supposed to free users from the tyranny of a single piece of hardware.  They did that for a while too, but Windows got pulled from everything but Intel shortly after Windows NT.  Windows left me, I didn’t leave it.

I can run Linux on everything I own, including the Apple computers, my music players, my Kindle, my Nokia handhelds.

What do my friends do when their Windows machines become unbootable?   They get out a Linux based rescue disk.

Most Microsfoties don’t realize how miserable they have made life for most of their users.   You can only do that for so long.  The jig is up.

I respect your opinion but disagree. Many Microsofties I know and work with are focused on improving our software and services to benefit our customers.

BTW, the two times my PCs came up unbootable, I used my Windows rescue disc.

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