Do you have advice for President Obama on the 2009 digital television (DTV) transition? He’s listening…

Clip art from Microsoft Office OnlineAs I posted here, the House voted to delay the DTV transition today, which the President is likely to sign into legislation.

Now the Obama White House is fulfilling their promise to allow people to comment on new legislation, allowing a five day feedback period before President Obama signs the item. The first piece of legislation on the site? The revised and submitted DTV Delay Act.

Want to provide your comments?

Then go visit the new White House Briefing Room and click here to post your comment on the DTV Delay Act page on the White House site.

The DTV delay will move the transition date to digital broadcast to June 12, 2009.  Julian Sanchez noted in this post on arstechnica that…

"The DTV delay may have pushed the official national deadline for the transition to digital broadcast back to June 12, but there are plenty of broadcasters who don’t relish the added expense of maintaining both digital and analog signals for an extra four months. But thanks to a compromise provision inserted during drafting of the final version of the delay bill, they won’t have to wait: stations that want to go ahead and transition an early can, subject to a set of procedures released by the FCC today.

"For those who want to stay on course to transition on the original February 17 date, things are relatively simple, at least if they hustle a bit. Those stations have until Monday (yes, this Monday—four days) to notify the FCC of their plan to keep to the old deadline. Then they’ve got to run the "equivalent" of 30 days worth of viewer notifications for the following week—including a crawl, if feasible, and a heavy stream of PSAs, after which they can cease analog broadcast on the 17th."

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