Microsoft “Shrimp and Weenies”, 2009 security spending, Windows 7 on Netbooks and more of what’s on my reading list

Clip art from Office OnlineA blast from the past — which many people would benefit reading — is the infamous 1993 "Shrimp and Weenies" Memo, here brought back for your reading pleasure by John Paczkowski of AllThingsD, on Jan 23, 2009.

"Reading through Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s annual state-of-the-company memo, with its efficiency improvements, cost reductions and cutbacks in worker benefits, which are already prompting complaints from Microsoft (MSFT) employees, it’s hard not to recall the company’s now-infamous “Shrimp and Weenies” memo.

This memo was written back in 1993 by Mike Murray, who oversaw our human resources effort, at a time to remind people of more frugal times.  Timeless even today…

"One of the reasons we’re successful (and wealthy) is because we’ve been serving weenies (not shrimp) for the past 17 years! No need to change the menu."

Zune sales plummeted during holidays | Beyond Binary – CNET News from January 23, 2009, posted by Ina Fried — "There were plenty of weak spots that led to Microsoft’s disastrous December quarter, but one of the ones that didn’t get much attention yesterday was how badly the Zune did. But tucked away in Microsoft’s quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission was a startling figure. Zune platform revenue decreased $100 million or 54 percent. reflecting a decrease in device sales…"

"Apple by contrast, saw its iPod unit sales up 3 percent, while revenue dropped by 16 percent. It still racked up $3.3 billion in revenue, as compared to less than $100 million for Zune."

Security spending 2009: The good and bad news — Security on CNET News, January 23, 2009, Posted by Jon Oltsik — "Recent Enterprise Strategy Group data indicates that security spending should maintain its current pace in 2009. There will be spending increases in some vertical sectors, like the U.S. federal government, but overall, things should remain relatively flat."

Amazing 2-in-1 Tech Products – Reviews by PC Magazine, 01.23.09 — A home theater system that doubles as a TV stand and an MP3 player that functions as a breathalyzer are just some of the coolest items on double duty. By Jennifer L. DeLeo.

Satisfy Me : Advisory: Concerned about the Conficker worm? Run the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life – Dealing with the Seven Year Itch, Working at Microsoft and a few thoughts on the Google Hiring Process — "In my almost seven years in the software industry, I’ve had a number of friends go through the sense of needing change or career dissatisfaction which leads to the seven year itch. Both at Microsoft and elsewhere. Some of them have ended up dealing with this poorly and eventual became disgruntled and unhappy with their jobs which turns into a vicious cycle. On the other hand, I know a bunch of people that went from being unhappy or disgruntled about their jobs to becoming happy and productive employees who are more satisfied with their career choices. For the latter class of people, here are the three most successful, proactive steps I’ve seen them make…"

Video of Windows 7 Installed on Netbooks – Fujitsu 2010, Eee PC 900A and Mini 1000 get Windows 7 OS – Softpedia — "… the guys over at jkkmobile went a bit further and installed the OS on three different netbooks, namely the Fujitsu U2010, the Eee PC 900A and the HP Mini 1000."

Microsoft to merge Windows Live and Office Live, on — "To simplify and improve the customer experience around its Live services, Microsoft made the decision to converge Windows Live and Office Live into an integrated set of services at one single destination. Additionally, Rajesh will not be leaving the Microsoft Business Division. There are no changes to the org structure. Rajesh’s title remains corporate VP, Microsoft Office Live and Exchange."

Vista Capable lawsuit damages to Microsoft could be $8.5 billion, from Community, 01/23/09 – 11:41am. — "News today is circulating that Microsoft might have to come up with between $3.92 billion and $8.5 billion to pay customers caught by its 2006 "Vista Capable" marketing program, according to documents unsealed by a federal court."

Microsoft misses memo, launches DRM-laden mobile music store — By David Chartier, January 23, 2009 – "Microsoft hopes new sponsors and shows will spark interest in MSN. Retailers from Amazon to Real have launched their own DRM-free MP3 music stores in recent years. Faced with the competition, Apple finally put the last nail in the coffin of á la carte music DRM earlier this month with the iTunes Store, but don’t tell Microsoft. The world’s largest software maker just launched a mobile phone-based music store in the UK that charges nearly twice the price for media while offering even fewer rights."

I’m sorry: ringtones for $4.05 (£3)? Puh-lease.

Google Puts The Squeeze On Free Apps by Michael Arrington on January 23, 2009 — "Google says the vast majority of the 1 million businesses that use Google Apps opt for the free advertising supported version. To make the free option less attractive they’ve been quietly lowering the number of user accounts that can be associated with a free account. Now as businesses grow, they’ll be forced to move to the paid version much more quickly than before."

The End Of An Era – Flight Sim Is No More By Steve on January 22, 2009 — "It really does appear that Microsoft has shutdown the ACES game studio and axed the entire staff. A lot of my friends are now looking for something else to do… " – Free Stock Images — "As anyone with a blog knows, it’s hard to get good pictures for your posts. There are thousands of stock photo sites, but is a welcome addition to that family."

I get my images from Office Online, as noted with the hot dog above.

Lian-Li’s PC-888: if the Burj Al Arab were a PC chassis – Engadget by Darren Murph, posted Jan 23rd 2009 — "We’re not sure what percentage of each PC-888 sale goes straight to the owners of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab, but it better be a lot. Lian-Li’s latest eye-popping PC chassis looks pretty much exactly like the aforesaid hotel, and it’s constructed from a significant amount of blue anodized aluminum."

Seattle tops ‘Forbes’ most wired cities list, January 23, 2009, Posted by Jim Kerstetter — "The list-happy business magazine Forbes Thursday released its annual survey of the nation’s most wired cities. Topping the list is Seattle, the home of, Starbucks, and Microsoft (well, it’s in a suburb). Surprisingly, none of California’s famed tech cities are in the top 10. San Francisco dropped to No. 11 from No. 4 last year, mainly because of its lack of high-speed access options. But take heart, San Franciscans: Forbes still says you’re the most tech savvy city in the country, since you have the highest percentage of home broadband Internet users in the country. Following right behind the "city by the bay" are San Diego and Los Angeles."

Kickfire: Data Analytics for the Masses, Written by Tony Bain, January 22, 2009 — "You may not realize it, but the data analytics market is buzzing. In this post we analyze one of these vendors, Kickfire."

Bartz Gets Millions; Yahoo Bails on Pay Increases for Rank and File – Tech Check with Jim Goldman – — "For the first time in its history, Yahoo has suspended scheduled pay increases for the company’s rank and file, even as it signs up new CEO Carol Bartz with a pay package that some say could be worth as much as $40 million over the next few years."

Also see Truemors: Yahoo Freezes Pay Increases, Jan 23, 2009 — Carol Bartz has kicked off her gig as Yahoo head honcho with a bang, announcing today that the Sunnyvale-based company will freeze annual pay raises. The freeze won’t affect workers on tap for promotions or Yahoo’s annual bonus giveaway. Carol Bartz grade, so far: B.

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