Advisory: 2009 daylight saving time dates for much of Canada and the USA, European Summer Time

Just a quick notice before I dial into a call on Daylight saving time this year (2009) in much of the States and Canada, courtesy of Encarta:

  • 2009: Begins Sunday, March 8, and ends Sunday, November 1
  • Daylight Saving is a system of setting clocks 1 or 2 hours ahead so that both sunrise and sunset occur at a later hour, producing an additional period of daylight in the evening. Clocks are usually set back to standard time in the fall.

Two hours ahead?  That’s a new one.

More on European Summer Time is available online: as noted on the Wiki, all countries in Europe save Iceland (which smartly observes GMT throughout the year) "observe EST from 01.00 GMT on the last Sunday in March until 01.00 GMT [that’s March 29 in 2009] on the last Sunday in October [October 25 this year]."

More info is available on DST around the world via Live Search, on this blog, and WRT Microsoft products on the Daylight Saving Time Help and Support Center at

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