Announcements: the kick-off of Microsoft Answers beta, courtesy of Chris Kilbourn

A new site has hit, in support of our customers: the new community on the Microsoft Answers Site, Microsoft’s first consumer-focused support community.  Chris Kilbourn (the Lead Site Manager for TechNet) posted today about the launch…

“A few times in my career, I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved with the turn-up of some major web sites. Today marks another one of those events.

“I am very pleased to announce that my team, in coordination with many others across Microsoft, has just launched Microsoft Answers Beta for Windows Vista!

“It is a web site for everyone who uses Windows Vista at home, and has questions about using or fixing problems with Vista. With community-driven forums, it is a place for Microsoft customers to discuss and ask questions about Vista.

“Take a look, and leave us know what you think in the Microsoft Answers Beta feedback forum.”

Microsoft Answers The Microsoft Answers Site is an interactive community self-help experience moderated by dedicated support engineers and (from my Windows POV) provides a place for consumers to quickly and easily find all sorts of Windows Vista support content. Microsoft Answers is available today as a beta release, and I found that the Windows Vista section is where you can post your questions and answer some, too.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen a number of customer interactions being fielded about Windows Vista and many of our products across a wide variety of communities (including various comments posted on Twitter, and deeper exchanges on Get Satisfaction and the green button to name a few).

This latest effort should help connect consumers within a Microsoft forum, in a way that we’ve seen through the communities that we have for developers and IT professionals in MSDN and TechNet.  I like the structure that Microsoft Connect has brought to the pre-release and beta process.  It’s good to see that we have an interactive effort to connect consumers with our employees in more than an ad hoc way (such as through blog feedback and comments, which I get from time to time).   

Microsoft Answers is available today as a beta release. For more, please visit and provide your feedback on the experience.

Added 12/16/08: I’m reminded by my friend Matt that ahead of Microsoft Answers, I need to provide a tip of the hat to Windows Live. We also recently launched support for Windows Live customers at

Windows Live Solution Center is the first fully integrated online consumer support experience for Windows Live. Combining topic-driven blogs, technical solutions and community conversations, the Windows Live Solution Center offers dynamic support for Windows Live services.

More on this one asap.

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