Success: I have Windows Mobile 6.1 update on my AT&T Tilt

Earlier this week I twittered that I was going to embark on a perilous effort to (gasp) install Windows Mobile 6.1 on to my AT&T Tilt, given that HTC finally released the update on their site(  I was about right that it would take an evening — about two hours in fact.

I walked through the set up process fairly quickly as the installer is pretty straight forward.  After downloading the file from HTC’s web site and installing on my PC, I ran the update package and was presented with a series of screens to verify that I in fact was aware that I was updating the ROM.  I ended up updating from ROM image 1.57.502.2 to 3.57.502.2 as noted here…


… and then began the update procedure…

htctilt2 htctilt3

… but then whoops!


What happened? 

The cable seemed to be fine but the device lost connection during the update.  Luckily, running the installer again from the beginning corrected the problem and my device was updated in less than the estimated 10 minutes.


That was the easy part.

Device clearing storage: that took the better part of an hour.

And then reestablishing the partnership with my PC, logging on to the network, installing my contacts and updating mail and my standard applications?  That took another 45 minutes or so. 

All in all, I was done in around two hours and the interface is now updated, the phone’s battery life seems to last much longer, I now have the much envied HTC Home Screen that my wife enjoys on her HTC Touch, and I’m able to send and receive phone calls (always good with a phone).  I haven’t put the phone fully through its paces, with the Video Share Calling and Remote Desktop Monitor, but I’ll get there soon enough. 

For now, I’m quite happy with my new phone, and highly recommend it.

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