Uncategorized is now truly Delicious

As I noted here previously, I use to tag articles and stories. 

“I find it to be an easy way to quickly archive pages and stories of interest for later reference. I installed the buttons for Internet Explorer that allows me to “Tag This Page” I want to save. Along with saving the page, I add notes to the link by selecting text in the article prior to saving the page.”

imageToday, I noticed something different.  I found that is the new Delicious, as noted here:

“Over the past few days we’ve been transitioning Delicious over to our new platform, quietly starting with RSS feeds and APIs. Today we’re taking the final step and flipping the switch on the new web site:”

So far, I’m finding that Delicious is faster, easier to use and allows me to save a longer description with my bookmarks, view the available and suggested tags, and even suggest a tagged item for a friend’s Delicious bookmarks.

What a great way to end the month.

Check out the What’s New page for an overview of the changes, or watch this animation on that sums it up nicely.

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