It’s an illusion: I’ve just found more time to blog via Windows Mobile

One of my friends form Exchange (thanks, Gil) made the comment to me this evening at a post Tech Ready…

“You sure are posting a lot on your blog…”

Ahhh, it’s only because I’m a little more ‘efficient’ with my time having found a new app to blog directly from my Windows Mobile phone (AT&T Tilt).  For the most part, I don’t post during the work day (save between the occasional meeting, during lunch or whilst waiting for a shuttle): most posts are written after dinner or after the kids go to bed.

I’m hopeful that we will see a mobile blogging app, akin to what I have on the desktop with Windows Live Writer.  For now, I certainly recommend Pocket Diarist as a good app for posts via Windows Mobile 6.

I’ve heard that some folks think that there isn’t a demand for a Windows Live branded app for mobile blogging, but this may be shortsighted.  At one time, people didn’t think blogging would hit the main stream… or even conceived a need to allow postinWordPress client for iPhoneg photos from your mobile phone on to a photo site like Flickr much less blog. But as noted by Jason O’Grady on ZDNet, mobile users have taken notice of the WordPress client now available for the Apple iPhone…

“Excellent news for bloggers came a few weeks ago when WordPress announced that they’re developing a client application for the iPhone.”

As noted on the WordPress blog, the app is available on the App Store, along with a few frequently asked questions.  The comments I scanned are positive with many trackbacks.

IMO, the Tilt and other keyboard enabled phones are also ripe for such applications, but still in need for a way to discover and promote such applications.  As I posted previously, I’d certainly like to see a more integrated positive experience for Windows Mobile users similar to the one-stop-shopping (so to speak) that users now get with the Apple’s App Store.